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News / 01.23.18

Three Mobility Innovations at CES that will Impact Business the Most

Last week some of the brightest minds in technology descended on Las Vegas for the world’s largest annual consumer technology event — CES. After all the glitz and glamour, the A3Ventures innovation team got together and chose the top three innovations that will impact our business areas the most.

1. 5G and Self-Driving Vehicles
We all know that 5G has been dominating the news for awhile, but bear with us. A recent trend at CES shows an increase of Internet of Things (IoT) with 5G deployment in automobiles. It’s predicted that the high speeds and low latency will provide the city and technology infrastructure for the development of self-driving vehicles on a massive scale. 5G technology will allow cars to communicate with each other and with city traffic control systems. They do this through artificial intelligence to ensure a self-awareness of each single vehicle, communication with other vehicles and data sharing with city infrastructure. The reliability and fast nature of 5G will also help self-driving vehicles “see” jaywalkers and animals crossing the street which in return will provide an additional level of safety on the roads.

2. The Rise of Smart Cities
Daniel Newman from Convergence Media and Forbes paints the perfect image that integrates IoT and AI for a utopian smart city. Picture this: it’s the future and your self-driving car is taking you to work. You arrive at the designated location and with one click your vehicle automatically goes to your assigned parking space. You walk to your job on the spotless streets and arrive to your office that is the perfect temperature. In this city has there are no crowds, trash is almost non-existent, and smart mobility is a way of life. Sound too good to be true? Or something more close to the ideal? After seeing the latest innovations at CES, this dream that centres around autonomous vehicles and city infrastructure technology is getting close to reality. Currently, cities are innovating everything from lightbulbs to parking spots, to even predicting natural disasters, in an effort to make their urban centers smarter and more connected as possible.

3. A Safe Self-Driving Future
At CES 2018, we announced a partnership with autonomous vehicle robotics company Torc to build out a set of safety criteria for self-driving cars. This is another step in our commitment to help shape the conversation around autonomous vehicles. We started with a AAA Free Self-Driving Shuttle in Las Vegas — the first of its kind to share the road and allow anyone to hop on and experience autonomous vehicles for themselves. With Torc, we’re committed to setting standards to ensure the safety of self-driving vehicles. As the driver’s advocate we’ve been part of the safety conversation on our roads for over 117 years and we’re looking forward to helping shape this conversation as we move into the autonomous age.

CES 2018 had no shortage of innovations. We’re looking forward to how these new advances help drive us all forward into the future.