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Press / 04.27.18

AAA Northern California Launches AAA House Manager, a New Way to Outsmart Home Maintenance

Century-old auto club enters the home services industry in 2018

OAKLAND, California – AAA Northern California today announced the launch of AAA House Manager, a new service designed to take the stress and hassle out of home maintenance.

Available now in Alameda County and expanding soon throughout the East Bay, AAA House Manager is a membership-based home maintenance service geared toward busy homeowners. It’s the first app-based home service to offer both proactive and reactive maintenance serving as a trusted partner in the home.

“The reality of home ownership is that your house needs attention all year round, no different than your car, finances or health,” said Mike Hetke, chief innovation officer of AAA Northern California. “House Managers help prevent minor maintenance issues from turning into major repairs. That saves our Members money in the long run, and it gives them peace of mind knowing their home is in good hands.”

Whether it’s tuning up toilets, changing air filters or fixing leaky faucets, House Managers will service your home from top-to-bottom, inside-and-out on their first visit. They’ll conduct safety checks of your steps, decks and patios, evaluate your roof and foundation, and check for signs of pests and record the results in our app. (A comprehensive list of services provided is included below.)

House Managers will then create a proactive maintenance plan to help keep your home running smoothly all year long. Starting at $435 per year, Members receive two routine maintenance visits per year included in their Membership. Additional services are available for an affordable hourly rate to tackle time-consuming tasks, such as cleaning the gutters or replacing a light fixture. Members can view their plan from a convenient app, allowing them to make repair requests on-the-fly without having to make a call or dig through paperwork.

Many people don’t know who to call or trust for ordinary home repair and maintenance jobs. AAA House Manager serves as the trusted partner for all these needs. Our members can rest easy knowing that all of our House Managers are full-time employees who have undergone extensive background checks and have professional experience in the industry.

To request additional services or review your membership, download the House Manager app on your smartphone. All profile information is stored on the app.

“For a homeowner who is juggling a busy work schedule and an active personal life, there’s often not enough time to keep up with to-do lists that never seem to stop growing,” said Tim Condon, president and CEO of AAA Northern California. “AAA has been helping travelers outsmart life on the road for more than a hundred years, and we’ll apply those same principles as we expand into the home services industry.”

AAA House Manager represents a new step into the home sector for AAA, which has offered home insurance since 1974. AAA House Manager was created following the acquisition of Glasshouse, which has been operating in the East Bay since early 2016.  At the moment, AAA House Manager is only available in selected parts of San Francisco’s East Bay, but will expand throughout 2018. For more information and to sign up, please visit If House Manager is not yet available in your neighborhood, sign up with your address to be notified when the service expands to your area.

What do House Managers do?

  • Catalog HVAC systems, water heater, washer/dryers and determine maintenance needs
  • Change filters for furnace, air conditioners, refrigerators, and water filtration systems*  
  • Service smoke and CO monitors
  • 5-point toilet tune-up
  • Interior faucet leak and drainage check
  • 3-point water heater service
  • Evaluate interior caulking for signs of mold, mildew, and wear
  • Service refrigerator compressor coils
  • GFCI breaker test
  • Dryer-vent cleanout
  • Safety check of steps, decks, and patios
  • Evaluate condition of visible roof shingles and flashing
  • Assess eaves, soffits, and siding for signs of pest intrusion
  • Evaluate hose bibs and exterior pipes
  • Check foundation drains, downspouts, and proper grading
  • Monitor exterior siding and trim for signs of wear
  • Gutter cleaning and window washing*

*Additional cost applies for parts and optional services