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Press / 11.16.18

A3Ventures and BP Ventures Invest in Zippity, Onsite Car Maintenance for Workplaces

Zippity, the first workplace amenity for full-service car maintenance, recently secured $2.6M in funding from A3Ventures, BP Ventures, and LaunchPad Ventures which will be used to expand the company's footprint throughout the nation starting in fall of 2018. Since launching in 2017, Zippity has formed partnerships with companies across the New England area to provide over 50,000 employees access to comprehensive repair, diagnostic, and detailing services at their workplace.

Press / 11.13.18

Portfolio company RapidSOS, an emergency response data provider, raises next round

A new generation of startups has been emerging to tackle that gap to make 911 emergency responses more accurate and faster. RapidSOS, a New York-based startup that helps increase the funnel of information that is transmitted to emergency services alongside a call for help, has raised another $30 million in funding — money that it’s going to use to continue enhancing its product, and also to start pushing into more international markets.

Press / 05.30.18

‘Point-to-point’ Gig Car Share program launches in Alameda

Starting recently, up to 35 Gig Car Share vehicles were launched on the main island of Alameda, ready to be used for one-way trips between the Island, core East Bay communities and two San Francisco locations.

Press / 04.27.18

AAA Northern California Launches AAA House Manager, a New Way to Outsmart Home Maintenance

AAA Northern California today announced the launch of AAA House Manager, a new service designed to take the stress and hassle out of home maintenance.

News / 04.27.18

Could Mobility as a Service change your commute? Here’s 5 ways how.

Mobility as a service, MaaS, describes the trend of people shifting away from personal transportation to mobility services. But what does that really mean? In the last month, our innovation team outlined MaaS at leading industry conferences...

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